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We set high standards for ourselves and for our clients because we believe in quality. A book published by G & J Publishing will meet or exceed industry standards with top grade paper and an original four-color glossy cover.

Every publishing package includes a complete edit, a unique custom book cover and complete page set up.

Your book will compare favorably with any mainstream publisher. Unlike many other Print On Demand companies, we are very selective about the books we publish. If your book is published by G and J Publishing, you will be proud of it and so will we. Together we will make your book the best it can be.

We are accepting submissions for both fiction and non-fiction books. We'll consider any well-written story and are interested in adding new categories and genres.

 We believe G and J Publishing is  the best POD publishing choice you will find. Anywhere! Look around, check our competition, then come home to G and J.


G and J Publishing  is a small independent publisher
specializing in Print on Demand Publishing Done Right

We provide complete, professional book publishing services including:
editing, book cover design, page layout, printing and distribution services,
eBook formatting, author websites and marketing material. 

With over a decade of experience,
we work with our clients one on one,
together we will make your book the best it can be.

A custom book cover will make your book stand out from the crowd. Every book we publish gets a cover designed to draw readers into the story. We work with our clients to get their vision of the cover. Then we create a book cover that compliments the authors vision and presents the story to the reader.

From ebooks to paperbacks to hard cover dust jackets we will create a memorable cover for your book.

Go to our Book Cover Page to find out more.

We have several goals when we take your project:
To get your job done the way you want it.
To give you a fair value for your money.
To produce quality results that the public will receive with enthusiasm.

We take our clients and their goals on an individual one-on-one basis.
We're not looking for dozens of new clients, we're looking for you.
Your job is important to you so it's important to us.

We can handle the complete job.
We do editing, books covers, marketing material and websites on an individual basis.

Every book publishing package includes an original book cover, a complete professional edit,
profession page set up and formatting and full distribution through the Ingram Books network which includes Amazon,Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor and many more distribution partners.

Welcome to G and J Publishing

Your manuscript is finished and the easy part is done. Now it's time to pick your Publisher. There are many differences between POD publishers, so practice due diligence, check out the contract and see what the finished products look like. Check for hidden costs. Then, like you're doing now, cruise their site.

First on our list, the editing services offered and the associated costs. If a book is poorly edited, no one will read it.

G&J, at no charge to the author, provides a basic line edit with every publishing package, even if the manuscript has been professionally edited. We check for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors, structural problems, excessive/repetitive word usage or incorrect word choice, i.e. then/than.

In addition, we offer several editing options, according to the manuscript's needs, including limited rewriting to ghostwriting.

While they turn up even in best sellers, typos, spelling errors, incorrect punctuation and poor grammar are unacceptable in any book. We will read your manuscript completely ... every word. We will make suggestions where appropriate, and correct any spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. We read for continuity and plot follow-through, character development, voice and a polished writing style.

Our goal is to help you make your book the best it can be.


Please Note: We are not accepting new submissions at this time.