Multi-Author Books

Title                            ..........                       Genre

Ciapi.Thomas G. - Heirloom Cookbook
Coke, Anne - Religious, Poetry
Craft, Clayton- Young Adult
Cullen, Robert- Thriller
Davis, Eddie - Children / Young Adult
Elder, Ashley- Young Adult
Farmer, Gayle - Young Adult, Mystery/Thriller, Anthology
Holland, Janice B. - Religious, Poetry 
Lane, Tori-

Quiñones, Benjamin Shepherd - Fantasy/Sci Fi
Reeves, H. Darwin - Suspense, Mystery
Roberts, Albert D., MD- Non- Fiction, Memoir
Tillotson, Ted- Thriller/Fantasy
Wilkey, Barbara- Romance
West, Frederick - Historical Fiction, Anthology

Pieces of Her Mind                                            Poetry Collection

Author's Gallery

Individual Authors  .......... Genre

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