Barbara Wilkey

Two Tattered Hearts

Two Tattered Hearts tells the story of Anna Rogers, a young mother whose abusive husband is violent, vicious and deadly. He beats Anna on a regular basis and she sees no hope of escape. Then she meets Troy Whitman and finds a ray of hope in an otherwise black future.

Without being overly graphic, Wilkey portrays the anxieties and fears that a battered woman with a ferocious and brutal husband faces when she’s all alone in the world. With limited resources and estranged from her own parents, she’s at her husband’s mercy, or so she thinks.

Troy and his parents step into the gap, and fulfil a double need, that of grandparents to an adorable baby and parents to Anna.

When her husband steps over the line for the last time, he puts Anna in the hospital and becomes a ward of the state. What happens from then on keeps the reader on the edge of her seat, gripped by the final unfolding of this timely and all too familiar tale.