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Through a variety of unlikely events, Cathy Abbott becomes the dangerous obsession of a very disturbed and troubled man. Nathan Stanley leads a precarious life, constantly balancing reality with fantasy. He admires the courage and determination of the blind sculptress, attending her showings and buying various pieces of her work over the years. Painfully shy and retiring, he can only admire her from afar until one night, while enjoying a solitary dinner on his rooftop lanai, he glances across to the next door building and watches a woman dancing in the moonlight. When he recognizes Cathy's face, his feelings for her morph from inhibited admiration to ardent love in one extraordinary move.... Thus begins an overwhelming obsession coupled with dangerous desires that threaten to cause harm to everyone. Rudy Clark, member of the S & B team, agrees to serve as body guard while Cathy adjusts to the loss of her guide-dog, Suzi and acclimates to her new dog, a Doberman named Kip. Blind Trust combines the tender and moving story of two people who thought love had passed them by and a psychotic who yearns to be a part of Cathy's life to the point of murder. Blind Trust is the latest in the Sessions & Browning mystery series.

$7.99  Paperback  ISBN 978-0-9831194-1-8
Paperback , 5"x 8",  380 Pages

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