Clayton M. Craft


Clayton M. Craft is purported to live in the Star City of the South in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Mr. Craft received his undergraduate degrees from Roanoke College. He holds a B. A. in Criminal Justice, a B. B. A. in Business Administration, and a Concentration in Marketing. He received his Juris Doctor in law from the Appalachian School of Law. In addition to writing, he is currently serving as Vice President of Privately Held Investments at one of the south’s largest banks.

His inspiration for The Hawkeneye came after years of reflection on his childhood survival of cancer and his will to conquer whatever challenge lay ahead.

Dedicating his spare time to charities involving children, Mr. Craft hopes the novel will inspire other children to rise beyond the obstacles of their lives. Mr. Craft is rumored to be hard at work on the sequel to The Hawkeneye, to be released in the near future.

Lexi embarks on his greatest adventure when his Uncle sends him a letter with strict instructions to board a certain taxi at a precise time and location.

Accompanied by his pet hawk, Horus, Lexi arrives at the Rippleshank Estate in the dead of night. He meets his soon-to-be best friends, Fiz and Kimora, and they become inseparable, experiencing the fun, excitement and danger of the estate.

The first thing they learn is that to remain at the lush estate, each of the one hundred guests must complete a series of tasks to test their skills and abilities. Their numbers dwindle as the kids who fail at the increasingly difficult tasks are sent home.

When Lexi discovers the Rippleshank diary, it provokes their curiosity and they set off on a series of adventures that put them in mortal danger and require their success at death-defying feats, culminating in the final battle and the discovery of a lifetime – the Hawkeneye.

Can you survive the Tasks of Rippleshank and command the power of the Hawkeneye?

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