Proudly Presents

Cold Fusion
The Sessions and Browning Series

By Gayle Farmer 

Brilliant nuclear scientist, Arnie Baker, is working on the formula that will turn the world's predominant energy source from expensive, polluting fossil fuels to cheap and abundant Helium-3. He's just months from completion when his wife, Candace, is kidnapped by Russian operatives who will stop at nothing to ensure that Arnie does not finish the formula.

Baker hires PI's Jim Sessions and Lenny Browning to find her. Just days later, the Russians contact Arnie, offering to exchange him for his wife. They renege on their deal, keeping Arnie and Candace captive in a remote chalet. Unknown to them, Sessions and Browning are hot on their trail.

Thus begins a novel of mystery, espionage and intrigue as Jim and Lenny race the clock in an attempt to rescue Dr. Baker and his wife.


$7.99  Paperback  ISBN 978-0-9822303-8-1
$6.95 ebook   ISBN 978-0-9822303-9-8
Paperback, 5" x 8", 204 pages