$15.95  Paperback  ISBN 978-0-9831194-5-6
Paperback , 5"x 8",  458 Pages

DeathMaker takes you through the mind of a young man as he tries to come to terms with the horrific death of his childhood sweetheart. While nine-year-old Donny Wakeland is on a holiday visit to his grandparents, Susan Rogers tries out her new ice skates, falls through the ice of the local lake, and drowns. When Donny returns home, he is horrified by the news and vows to kill school bully, Billy Jenkins, the boy Susan whispers is responsible for her death. He meets Billy and his friends on Killer Hill, the local sledding hill, and kills him ... for the first time. Thus begins the haunting of Donny Wakeland--a haunting without end because neither Susan nor Billy will stay dead.

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