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High in the forest above Beverly Hills, the Wilshire Clinic guards its secrets and its patients behind walls and dense shrubbery. People hiding from stalkers, assassins, or the government come there to develop a new identity, starting with a new face, an unrecognizable face.
            After surviving a horrific acid attack by her husband, Saudi Arabian national Akhali Ibrahim flees to Switzerland to recover in a private clinic. Edward Ashman, her cousin and best friend, stays with her while she recuperates, knowing her husband will kill them both if he finds them.
            Zack Randall, freelance covert ops agent, is tired of the life. He'd get out if could, but he doesn't how. Then, in the middle of doing a job, the opportunity falls into his lap.
            He takes the chance on a new life, but it looks very much like the old life as he faces one incredible obstacle after another with the woman of his dreams.

$7.99  Paperback  ISBN 978-1-940530-04-8
Paperback , 5"x 8",  255 Pages

$6.95 ebook   ISBN 978-1-940530-05-5