Proudly Presents

High Hurdles
The Doubletree Kids Series

By Gayle Farmer 

Larry Kline is the newest member of the Doubletree Team. He brings his talented mare, Connie, to the barn and joins the lessons. The team is impressed and readily accepts him as a new member.

Not only is Larry a great rider with a fun, outgoing personality, he's very handsome and it's love at first sight for Melanie Young. Beautiful, smart and popular, it would only make sense for him to reciprocate her feelings, and he wants to, but sometimes wanting and doing are poles apart.

With both reluctance and relief, he admits to his new friends he's gay. He's pleasantly surprised when they accept his statement without condemnation. Their main concern is for Melanie.


$7.99 Paperback  ISBN 978-0-9840762-4-6  

$6.49 eBook ISBN 978-0-9748728-5-8 Paperback-    Coming Soon