Janice B. Holland


The HawkenEye

Spiritually Speaking is composed of an assortment of devotional letters and poems
designed to draw readers closer to the heart of God.

God is always speaking to us. Most often when we think of God speaking to us we think of how He speaks through the beauty of His creation, or we think about the power of His written Word to us, the Bible. But, I believe God can and does speak to us quite frequently in another way – through His children! I am certain that as you read the words penned by Janice Holland that has become this book “Spiritually Speaking” you will find that you are reading more than her words! Oh, to be sure, Janice wrote them, but you will find that God is gripping your heart and your mind through this creative expression of faith. I hope that this book will encourage you on your spiritual journey and draw you closer to the Savior – as it did me!
Jamey Stuart, Pastor, Believers Church; Chesapeake, VA

It gave me great pleasure to read these poems and writings inspired by the Holy Spirit through Janice. This collection of writings and wisdom allowed me to embrace some untreated emotions I did not realize I had. It is writing like this which will indeed have you saying “Thank God” for all He has and is doing for you. Allow the spirit to use Janice’s talents to reach you like they have me.
Marleen E. Peterson, Sister-in-Christ

anice was raised on a farm, the younger of two children; however, her parents raised foster children from the time she was three, giving her twenty-one additional siblings. Children came and went, some staying as short as two weeks and others remaining as long as sixteen years. This provided her an early perspective on the horrors perpetuated on children.
Beginning at age seven, Janice learned first-hand how adults she should have been able to trust could and would use children for their own vile purposes. This began years of sexual, emotional and physical abuse which stole her innocence yet spurred a lifelong devotion to helping children.
Janice became a successful educator, serving as a high school mathematics teacher and coach; a high school assistant principal; an elementary principal; and, finally, as an assistant superintendent for administrative services. After thirty-three years of service, she retired due to health issues in 2005.
Janice’s passion for children and for those who have no voice as a result of sexual assault led her to begin volunteering for and becoming a member of the Board of Directors for H-E-A-R-T (Hope Exists After Rape Trauma). A year later, she founded H-E-A-R-T’s first chapter which is in Suffolk, VA. H-E-A-R-T receives half the profits generated from Janice’s first book of poetry, Beacons, Prayers, and Promises: Pathways to Healing, which outlines her recovery from her years of sexual abuse.
Janice has been married to her childhood sweetheart, Aubrey, for 38 years. She has one daughter, Cindy; a son-in-law, David; and a granddaughter, Lexi. She has also been richly blessed with many friends and colleagues throughout her life.
Although Janice dabbled in poetry in high school and college, it was not until she entered therapy with a wonderful Christian therapist in 2002 that she began writing poetry regularly. She gives God the glory for her work and knows He is her muse.