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A Lifetime In Medicine

By Albert Roberts M.D.

$14.95  Paperback  ISBN 978-0-9886295-5-4
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Paperback and Hard Cover 6"x9" 194 Pages

In this memoir, Dr. Al Roberts, who entered medical school in 1950, tells the story of his own development as a physician against the backdrop of the dramatic changes in medicine since the mid-twentieth century, with echoes as far back as the 20`s gleaned from his physician-father`s career. An active agent in many of these changes, Dr. Roberts has been a researcher, a pioneer specialist in nephrology, a general internist and diagnostician, an Army doctor, an administrator, a TV personality, and a teacher. He tells of his depression and psychoanalysis and provides chapters on "Medicine Then and Now", "Skeletons in Our Closest" and some illuminating case histories. Summing up, he gives his own assessment of the present state of medicine and his view of the future. About The Author: Dr. Al Roberts spent his early years in his physician-father`s household in Ft. Worth. From the age of 11, he was educated in Dallas public and private schools and Southern Methodist University. Graduating from The University of Texas Southwestern in 1954, he was an intern, resident, and research fellow all at Parkland Memorial Hospital. After experiences in private practice and academic administration, he has been on the faculty since 1991 and now serves halftime as Clinical Professor of Medicine.