Proudly Presents

Riding Blind
The Doubletree Kids Series

By Gayle Farmer 

Riding Blind, the latest entry in the exciting Doubletree Series, brings a new cast of characters to the fore as well as old time favorites from the original team. Lisa Freeman, blind since birth, dreams of learning how to ride a horse and with that end in mind, comes to Mystic Ridge for the summer riding group. She falls in love with Angel, the horse her trainer pairs her with, and before the session ends, Lisa accomplishes feats no one, not even she, ever expected. Riding Blind is all about fighting against impossible odds and refusing to quit, no matter what anyone else says about your chances of success. Things don't always come easy for Lisa, but she never ever gives up. In the end her spunk and determination make her a winner all around. Heartwarming story filled with warmth, understanding and great characters.

$7.99 Paperback  ISBN 978-0-9845913-3-6
$6.49 eBook ISBN 978-0-9845913-4-3
Paperback, 5" x 8", 294 pages