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$14.95 Case Laminate Hard Cover  ISBN 978-0-9834993-7-4 
$8.00 eBook ISBN 978-0-9834993-8-1

Spiritually Speaking is composed of an assortment of devotional letters and poems
designed to draw readers closer to the heart of God.

God is always speaking to us. Most often when we think of God speaking to us we think of how He speaks through the beauty of His creation, or we think about the power of His written Word to us, the Bible. But, I believe God can and does speak to us quite frequently in another way – through His children! I am certain that as you read the words penned by Janice Holland that has become this book “Spiritually Speaking” you will find that you are reading more than her words! Oh, to be sure, Janice wrote them, but you will find that God is gripping your heart and your mind through this creative expression of faith. I hope that this book will encourage you on your spiritual journey and draw you closer to the Savior – as it did me!
Jamey Stuart, Pastor, Believers Church; Chesapeake, VA

It gave me great pleasure to read these poems and writings inspired by the Holy Spirit through Janice. This collection of writings and wisdom allowed me to embrace some untreated emotions I did not realize I had. It is writing like this which will indeed have you saying “Thank God” for all He has and is doing for you. Allow the spirit to use Janice’s talents to reach you like they have me.
Marleen E. Peterson, Sister-in-Christ