Proudly Presents

The Color Box

By Eddie Davis 

$7.99  Paperback  ISBN 978-1-940530-02-4 

$5.95 ebook   ISBN 978-1-940530-03-1 

Paperback, 5" x 8", 176 pages

The first day of summer vacation started off slow for Max and his sister Samantha. Most of the other kids had headed off for the beach with their families. They always took a summer trip with their folks, too, but this year’s trip wasn’t even planned yet. For now the kids were stuck at home and Max and Sam felt like the only kids left in town.

It was a beautiful summer day in Garden Glen, North Carolina. After their mom makes them go outside, the kids end up walking in the nearby woods where they found a small wooden box. It doesn’t take long to discover that this is no ordinary box.

Thus begins a summer quest like no other before. The Color Box takes Max, Sam and their parents on a cross county saga filled with danger and adventure. The kids learn to trust their own instincts while they work to follow the clues from The Color Box and complete the mission it sends them on.

Davis has done a wonderful job of spinning a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end.