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Benjamin Shepherd Quinones is a 19 year old, half-Puerto Rican student at Lehigh University, where he studies Psychology, Biology and Spanish. From an early age, three things interested him most: science, writing, and science fiction. He is also interested in battling homophobia. With all this in mind, he wrote his first novel, The Gene Pull, during his freshman year of college in the school library as a more fun and culturally productive alternative to studying for his exams. Currently, he lives in Phillipsburg New Jersey with his loving parents, sister and two dogs, and is unsure what he wants to do after he graduates other than write.

The Gene Pull

$7.99 Paperback  ISBN 978-9886295-3-0
5"x 8", 192 Pages

$5.99 eBook ISBN 978-0-9886295-4-7

Sixteen-year-old Noah Fletcher has a lot on his mind. He's gay, and his best friend hates him for it. So does the rest of his high school. What they don't know is that he has the ability to talk to and understand all the animals on earth.

Despite his mother's full support and his animal friends, he can't help but feel lonely until popular cheerleader, Candy Bloom, sticks up for him publicly. He is happy to have her on his side, but there's something strange about Candy. She seems to know more than she should. Somehow, she knows about his secret power and warns him about what's coming next ... an alien invasion.

The question is, how are they going to stop it? And who else will join them on their mission?