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Secret Lives
The Sessions and Browning Series

By Gayle Farmer 

Computer hacker Jack Sanderson thinks of his hobby as harmless exploration until he delves into the financial records of high-ranking government officials. There he uncovers evidence of a conspiracy so monstrous it threatens the very existence of the United States. He shares his discovery with three friends. Within hours, two of them are dead and the third rushes him into hiding. Jack soon finds he's a scapegoat in a political assassination. With the help of a most unusual Catholic priest, he and his girlfriend must prove his innocence and destroy a terrorist organization based on US soil.

$11.95  Paperback  ISBN 978-0-9886295-1-6
Paperback , 5"x 8",  316 Pages

$5.95 ebook   ISBN 978-0-9886295-2-3   


Bob Cullen lives about forty miles south of Sydney.

Married to Jeanette, for the second time and with two adult children, Bob works part-time, plays golf twice a week, tends to a garden and writes whenever time permits. A more literal and probably more accurate translation of that last sentence would read: he fronts up to work on the days when the boss is absent, hacks his way into bunkers and water hazards regularly, grows weeds where flowers once bloomed and he does as he's told around the house.

The Ultimate Betrayal is Bob's second book, the first, Torn Apart was published in Australia in November 2004 just in time for the Christmas. Sadly, Santa's order of several thousand copies was mislaid. A tragic loss to the readers of Australia, and an even greater tragedy to the author's bank account.

Bob hopes to have the next manuscript on the editor's table in the second half of 2013.